Hiring a Web Design Company: 9 Benefits you will get


Nowadays, owning a business means being aware that you must have an online presence (web page). That is why I am going to tell you about the benefits of hiring a web design company.

However, these days there is so much publicity that you can make your website yourself even if you don’t have technical knowledge that in the end you end up believing that story and you don’t see that there is a real need to hire a Web design company.

To build a professional website, you should consider the full range of services that a professional web design company can provide according to your needs.

A first-rate web design company will take care of the complications involved in creating an easy-to-use website, this includes optimizing content for mobile devices, as access to websites from these devices grows much more every day, update the content and keep it current, and above all keep the website search engine optimized for search engines, and to top it off, you still need a great design to stand out in the market!

As you can see, behind all this mentioned, there are skills (technical skills) that you will hardly have to carry out your project without the technical part making you give up on the idea.

For this reason, we present to you the main reasons why you should consider hiring a web design company to create your company’s website.

1. Future Vision of the Project

When hiring a web design company, rest assured that they work with the latest technology available on the market. So you will have the guarantee that in your project there will be professionals monitoring every aspect of the development, providing the possibility that it will be scalable over time.

Think for a moment, what will your website be like in two years?  A professional web design agency not only designs and develops websites but also keeps an eye on future developments.

Even if you only have a vague vision of your business idea, hiring a web design company can help you refine that idea, validate it, and make sure it works in the real world. The latter is really useful! 

And if you don’t have an idea of ​​what you want to do, given the combined experience of the professionals who work in a web design agency, they can help you discern what you really want to do and, in many cases, make a clear path of the project to be carried out, saving you unnecessary headaches

2. Website builders will always have limited options

… And what is a website builder? You may be wondering yourself. Well, surely you have read, seen, or heard something like “create your website in 5 minutes” or “create your online store in 3 clicks ” and similar things in that order of ideas. 

Well, basically a website builder is a prefabricated page that gives you the possibility to assemble a website quickly, in a couple of days, or maybe an afternoon if you are a tech-savvy person.

BUT… there are drawbacks associated with these website builders. For example, the clearest and most obvious drawback that these platforms have is that you will be limited to what the platform can support. 

This means that the images, documents, or media files you want to upload may not be allowed. Let’s suppose that your web page is oriented to an adult theme, the vast majority of these websites do not support that theme.

Secondly, if tomorrow you want to change your provider, you cannot move “your web page” (yes, in quotes, because what you call your web page is not your web page as such and you are not the owner while having on these sites) to a different platform. 

If you want to migrate your website using one of these platforms, then you will have to do it from scratch.

And touching on the topic that “your web page is not yours, but the provider of the website builder” is especially true, since they give you the tools to start publishing in a matter of minutes, usually FREE, but behind it, although you don’t know it, there is an infrastructure to maintain and they always choose the pages created within the builder to place some type of advertising (which they have not consulted you) in order to pay their own bills. That is one reason, another reason is that if the builder does not support e-commerce features, you will not be able to set up your virtual store, or if it does, then they start charging you for extra services that are billed monthly or annually… in short, it is not yours “your website in those builders.”

So save yourself that expense (time, mostly) and take care of delegating the technical area of ​​your website to web development professionals.

3. Resources available

Web design agencies, for the most part, usually have access to professional resources that people who are outside this environment do not have, either because they are unaware, or because they are very expensive for individuals.

There are tools, web development kits, and plugins that are only available to web design companies that a person without technical knowledge is not going to be able to do.

Web design agencies have the latest technology to keep your website updated, and make your website load at the most optimal speed. 

Now, let’s be honest all of these resources would cost you a lot of money to own and master, but web design agencies can spread that cost out to all of their clients to make it cheaper for you in the long run.

4. Professionalism – Get a high-quality web design

Another benefit of hiring a professional web design agency is that you will get a higher-quality job. Let me explain, in our company, we have talented collaborators who have developed the necessary skills to create a successful website, and not only that, they are constantly improving, keeping themselves updated in their different areas of performance.

For example, if your business requires a virtual store (electronic commerce), then your website must be free of errors so as not to create a bad impression on your customers, it must be largely user-friendly and easily accessible through smartphones, tablets, and any mobile device that is on the market. And of course, of course, look good on laptops and desktops. This will ensure that people return to your site to browse, purchase or share your website. And this is precisely what you get when you choose to work with a web design company.

As a web design agency, one of our goals is to achieve optimal (no pun intended) performance of the websites we have created, this, in other words, translates as making your web page load as quickly as possible, favoring SEO, and making it look well from any device while maintaining usability and user experience within current standards.

Unfortunately for you, you won’t get that kind of high-quality work from a hobby web designer or free website builder that you’re bound to find out there.

And, if you are thinking of going the “economic” way behind making a web page, there are hundreds of variables to consider that only a web design agency can guide you to visualize and help you make the best decisions based on your requirements and your needs. (each client and each project are unique and there is no way that 2 businesses are extremely similar).

5. Processes established for the development of a web page

Developing a website is a complicated project, it depends on the client’s requirements, some have quite specific requirements and we need to provide customized solutions. Clearly, based on those requirements, careful planning is definitely going to go a long way.

A web design agency usually has a set process based on their experience.

This guarantees us that your project will continue to advance without overlooking any detail. Our process of creating and developing web pages is as follows:

5.1 Software Architecture (Logical Design)

We offer our clients a transparent framework through a functional document that details the scope, technologies and behavior of the final application.

5.2 Web Design and Analysis of User Experience and Usability

The design of the platforms must be part of the solution, not the problem, which is why we integrate experts into the team to improve the user experience.

5.3 Agile Web Development

Agile methodologies allow us to develop customized software solutions in which the client has full visibility of the progress of the project.

5.4 Implementation and Maintenance

As part of our philosophy of continuous improvement, we offer maintenance plans and a pool of hours for future changes and cybersecurity support.

Our processes always include deadlines for the design and development of the new website, from start to finish. As a professional web design agency, we can develop a custom timeline for your project based on your specific requirements.

6. Compatibility with mobile devices (Smartphones, Tablets, etc.)

Due to the increase in technology, today it is very common to access a website from a smartphone or a tablet, while you are in a mall or store walking or seeing something of interest, you can be visiting your news page at the same time preferred, just to say something.

The fact is that 80% of internet users own a smartphone, so it’s no big surprise that to have a great website you must have mobile compatibility. More and more people access the Internet through their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and if the user experience when accessing your website is not pleasant or “user friendly”, they will not visit you again, that easy. 

Google says that 61% of users are likely not to return to a mobile site if they had a problem accessing it, and of those people, 40% will visit a competitor’s site.

Making your website mobile-friendly is standard procedure for web design agencies today. Not only does it affect how many people a website reaches, but it also affects the website’s search engine rankings and they push you down if your website is not mobile responsive and the user experience is poor.

Keep in mind that if your website is fully compatible with mobile devices, you will obtain better rankings when it comes to positioning yourself in search engines, which in the short and long term will translate into more visits for your business.

7. Scalability

In general, when you are starting a new business, their websites are usually quite small, perhaps there are a few static pages about essential content of the company and little else. But that usually doesn’t last long.

Soon, business owners want to add other website essentials like a blog, improve social interaction through video chat, and sell physical and virtual products, perhaps creating a membership site or more advanced robust apps like calculators, and raters among others.

A professional web design agency can help you correctly with the initial idea of ​​your business, of course, but in addition to that, your website will be scalable for future developments or the addition of new features that may arise on the fly. 

By closely monitoring developments, a web design agency is able to scale your project as much as your requirements indicate, in such a way that they will guarantee that what you require can be complemented with what you have done so far.

8. You save time, a lot of time

You decide to make the web yourself. You start to investigate, you get overloaded with information, you start trying things, free tools (always with limitations for the most part) you install an X template that you get, you realize that you can play certain things and others not so much because you don’t master the skills… a few days later you end up saturated still trying to install demo content from a template, which you will still have to replace with your own.

In the meantime, while you have decided to deal with the technological part, you have stopped doing the core activities of your business (meetings, video calls, making new clients) and you will probably obtain 2 types of results, a basic and unprofessional design of your website or more likely you’ll end up with errors you can’t fix.

This is very common when you decide to do or face the technological part by yourself. Web design agencies have professionals who are specialists in this field. And it’s like everything in life when a tooth hurts. Do you try to learn dentistry yourself with a video tutorial that you find on YouTube? Or do you use your common sense to call the specialist on duty?

The same happens with web design… that simple, without further ado.

A web design agency usually works on a fixed bid estimate, so it’s in their interest (even as much as you do) to get your website built as quickly as possible. If a project takes longer than anticipated, the agency risks losing money, which is something they want to avoid.

9. Expert help

Building a website doesn’t end when it’s up and running and attracting new customers. In fact, to be honest, it is a day-to-day task. Why? Well, simple, development component updates, security bug fixes, anti-hacker preventive measures, and more. 

And we go back to the beginning, will you have time to deal with these things by yourself?… Surely, No.

Web designers not only give you expert advice when designing your website, but they are also there when there are issues and changes that need to be made. 

Many times website performance will start to decline due to design or technical updates that need to be done over time.

The web design agency you hire will be at your disposal before, during, and after the website is up and running. They are there to offer expert advice on how to improve your website over time and also to fix anything that goes wrong along the way. They created your website and know what to do if it starts to have problems or needs to be updated with the latest technology.

Also when you want to change something on the site, it’s comforting to know that there are experts on the other end of the phone who can fix it and get your website up and running.

The benefits of hiring a web design company

The aforementioned benefits are just the most important of hiring a web design company. Depending on your project, there could be others, such as developing a custom mobile app for your business, creating a virtual store, creating a virtual classroom, or perhaps a membership site with recurring payments for some service you have in mind. 

If you are not sure what we can do for you, just contact us, and we will help you materialize your business idea.

Regardless of the type of website your business will need, you can count on a professional web design agency to deliver on time and on budget. 

But the benefits do not end there. Most professional web design agencies offer ongoing support and training, and website maintenance programs, and are also very helpful in resolving conflicts from third-party providers and those that often arise over time.

By working with a single provider, you ensure the continuity of your online presence and simplify the process for yourself. And that, in the end, is what you are looking for, right?

So what should you do now?

You have the arguments to decide to hire a web design agency, wait no more, you can contact us to meet your requirement.

And if you’re still not sure about hiring a web design agency, don’t worry! Simply reach out and contact us. Our team of experts will listen to you, answer your questions, and find the best way for your business to get the online presence it needs.

Recently, Optimal Websites has been recognized as one of the top Small Business Website Design Companies by Design Rush”.

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